Greater Noida Lift Crash: Death Toll Increases as 4 More Succumb to Injuries

The causalities at the Amrapali Dream Valley project in Greater Noida (West) rose to 8 after 4 workers succumbed to their injuries on Saturday morning. Earlier, 4 workers were reported dead while 5 were injured after the crash landing of a lift from the 14th floor of the tower. The building was currently under construction.

On Friday the 15th, a service lift carrying 9 workers experienced a fall from the 14th floor of an under construction tower at Amrapali Dream Valley project in Noida Extension. The accident occurred near Gaur City where the housing society project was under process. On Friday, the site confirmed up to 4 employees deceased. 5 of the surviving people were reportedly severely hurt.

Nine employees were using a construction lift to access the residential tower's top floors when it plummeted to the ground, killing four of them and critically injuring five others leaving them on ventilator support. Of these, 4 more have succumbed to their injuries, increasing the death count to 8.

An FIR has been held up at the nearby Bisrakh Police headquarters and nine individuals reserved for carelessness and punishable murder, among others, regarding the case, as indicated by the police.

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